Snow Day

    It doesn’t matter how old I get, I will never be too old to throw down all of my responsibilities and run outside to play in the snow.  That is exactly what I did this morning, though it was more “snow” than snow.
    It was only a thin, wet layer that is all melted by now, but it was enough to make something out of it while it lasted.  By no means ideal, but I’m happy there was at least something white on the ground.  Winter is my favorite season, and I can’t wait for it to get here.
    Under a beautiful gray sky, I bundled up in an extra large, extra floppy sweater and dove in with bare hands.  With the help of a sister, we cleared the yard of all the less leafy snow there was to find.  Out of this melting mess we crafted two frozen masterpieces.

    Ok, so they may not really be masterpieces, but at least they look happy.  We’ll call them “rustic” masterpieces.  Not bad, considering we only had limited “snow” to work with.  They aren’t beauties, but they sure were fun to make.

    Being the childish people we are, my sister and I spent some time wandering the yard doing nothing more than breathing out really hard so we could see our breath in front of us, pretending we were dragons.  During our reptilian adventures, we found we weren’t the only ones who had been out in the snow this morning.
    When things stared to drip, it was time to come in and eat delicious, warm, homemade egg drop soup.  I followed it up with a cup of hot chocolate.  A small cup, to be sure ( the old tea cup I found at the antique store doesn’t hold much ), but a good cup all the same.

    Now it’s back to being responsible, but it was a fun, cold morning while it lasted.


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