A Hat For a Friend

    I attempted to make an arm knitted hat over the weekend, and I failed.  But I didn’t give up entirely.  No, arm knitting is still something I will reign champion over.  More on that journey later.
    Not wanting to go into a long list of YouTube videos on the matter while trying to watch an episode of Downton Abby, I switched to regular knitting and managed to make a hat completely free style, no pattern necessary.

     Now, don’t feel all that impressed.  I mean, I’m impressed with myself, but not for making the hat. This hat is so simple yet looks like it used a pattern, which in a way seems to remind me of a Bob Ross painting.  It is nothing more than a rectangle, wide enough to go from the top of your head to your forehead, and long enough to go around your head.  When you’re done making the rectangle, stitch the ends together to make a tube, then cinch one end up.  I made a flower to cover the cinching on top, but a pom pom would look cute too, I think.  Then I just single crocheted around the bottom to make the edge look cleaner.  See?  Nothing impressive.
     No, I’m impressed with myself for how I was able to untangle the mess of yarn that barfed out of the center of the skein.  It takes talent to wrangle such an unruly beast, a talent all yarn users can boast, I think.
    Alas, this hat is not for me to keep.  It is one out of the few I will be making for some people close to me.  This thought does not sadden me though, for the people who will be receiving them truly deserve a gift far greater than a hat.


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