National Craft Month

     Did you know that March is National Craft Month?  Neither did I!  But I found out today, and I am going to make an extra effort to be crafty this month because of it.  Maybe a few of my UFOs will get finished as a result.
     Today after putting myself through ‘mental abuse to humans’ ( a.k.a. ‘MATH’ ), I decided to work on patching up my favorite pair of jeans.  Again.  You know that one pair that you love and just can’t seem to get ride of no matter how many holes and tears they get?  Well, this is definitely that pair for me.
    They were looking extra shabby with each time I put them through the wash, and it finally got the point where I couldn’t stand leaving them look so degraded any more.

    As you can see the hole on top had gotten far to big to keep ignoring, and right underneath my beloved monster ( who’s dental troubles you might recall ) there was a fresh hole forming.  So I set out to mend and make better.
    The first step was to cut out all the stingy bits and stick around the edges to keep them from fraying out.
    Then I had to decide what to patch each hole with.  For the right side, I found some old lace to use.
    Next came lots of pinning to keep the slippery stuff in place while I sewed it and tried to avoid unwanted acupuncture in my finger tips.  I managed, and went on to put a simple denim patch under my monster, so as not to take away from him.

     Below are the finished results!

    There are other ways I could have patched them to avoid such a rough look around the edges, but I like the rough look myself.  So here’s to more crafting in the month to come!

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