Pie and Blankets

A week filled with delicious pies and snugly blankets.  What could be better?
It was just yesterday that I found out the 28th of April is nation blueberry pie day, and this was not an opportunity I could pass up.  So I went searching through my stack of library books.  I knew I had brought home a pie book sometime in the past month.  It was just a matter of finding it.
Using the super easy recipe from the book for the filling, and our own all butter crust, I made not just one, but two blueberry lemon pies with crumble topping.  I ate nothing but pie for dinner.
And then some more for dessert.
As you might know after all that writing in March, I had decided to let all 28 of my rough drafts sit for a month before starting to edit them.  That month is almost over now, but during it I have begun work on toddler sized blankets to sell in an online shop.  The two blankets above are ones I’ve made progress on in the last week.
Over the rest of the spring and summer I’ll continue to make blankets, and write out patterns for them, as each and every one I do for my future shop comes straight from own noodle.  My hope is to have this thing going by the end of the year, so cross your fingers for me, pretty please.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna have to cut this post a bit short.  I have a whole other pie yet, you see, and it’s just begging to be eaten…..


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