Travelers of the Air

It was a neat sight this morning to see another hot air balloon above my house.  But unlike the last one, this one actually landed on the next street over from us!  We hastily threw on some jeans and ran down the street with jackets over our pajama tops.  The streets of the neighborhood provide a safe place for them to deflate and pack up their balloons without having to worry about sharp things ripping the fabric ( just as long as all the trees don’t get in the way ).
It was extra neat to see them roll it all up and stuff it back into it’s bag.  ( The second to last picture shows them sitting on the bag to make it all fit in there! )
When the show was over I turned and looked up only to see another balloon floating up high way in the distance.  That one wasn’t coming down for a while, and when it did, it probably wasn’t going to be close enough to run to, anyways.
It was pie for breakfast ( and for lunch, if I’m being honest ).  A wonderful start to a wonderful lazy Sunday.

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