Chasing the Sprinkler Sunset

I went outside yesterday afternoon to water the plants like a good littler gardener when I saw that there was a sprinkler running in the front lawn.  As you might have noticed by now, I am merely a child who’s pretending to be an adult.  Every now and then I forget I’m supposed to be acting mature, and things like this happen.
Yes, that’s me jumping through the sprinkler in the pink ( though it looks more red in the picture ).  It wasn’t long after I began twirling around in the water sputtering when it unexpectedly hit me in the face when my little sister joined me ( yes, the same one who runs around pretending to be a dragon with me in the winter ).
I was only going to run through the water a couple of times, but once my sister was out there with me, a few times turned into over a half hour of looking like dorks ( but happy dorks ).  We were soaked, we were muddy, and we didn’t make it into the glorious sunset that I was clearly trying to lead my sister into in the picture below before she realized that she forgot her bags, but, we had fun, and really, that’s all that matters.
You can think I’m crazy ( and you wouldn’t be wrong ), but doing spontaneous, childish things like this just makes me feel better about life.  Who said you have to grow up anyways?  Not this gal.  So if you want my advice, go run through those sprinklers!  Trust me, it’ll make your heart and soul feel happy again.
( I just hope the neighbors didn’t see us. )

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