Late Night Crochet

One of my goals is to open an online shop by fall or winter this year, hopefully.  It’ll be all blankets and blanket patterns, and so to prepare for this I have been slowly but surely been getting some things together for it.  I started on a blanket today, one that I’ve been wanting to get going on for about a week now.  If you look very carefully behind my flower, ( Which is doing great, by the way!  Just look at how big it’s gotten! ) you’ll see the first notes of a pattern for said blanket sitting on my desk.
Now blankets are rather large-ish projects, and if you want to be able to work on them whenever and wherever, I think we can all agree that you need proper bags or other such carrying items to lug the thing around.  I found one such thing in my closet, a fabric basket of sorts with a metal frame, but it was already holding a lot of my past yarn-ish things that I had tossed away and haven’t touched since.  I guess you could say it was my yarn graveyard.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say, and having nothing else large enough to hold my blanket project, I had no choice but to dump it’s contents onto my floor.  Strange experiments and tangled yarn tumbled out, and among them was the body of a toy I had never finished, along with a few other random body parts from forgotten crafts.
Yes, that’s right, body parts.  Can you imagine how strange that might sound to someone who had never crafted a toy?  Just picture yourself walking any place where you might get your bags checked. Maybe a fair entrance or the movie theater, it doesn’t matter.   Deep down in the bottom of your bag, you have a small project sitting, one that you always keep in there just in case where you’re going gets boring.  Security comes up.
“Ma’am, what do you have in your bag?” they ask.
And you, being the smart aleck you are, answer,
“Body parts.”
Now imagine the look on their face.
Of course, before you ever even find yourself in a situation like this, you might want to ask yourself; Is the pun worth the jail time?  I can see how the answer to this question might vary from person to person.
Ahem.  Anyways.
When you’re having one of those nights when you’re really, really worn out but don’t feel like going to bed quite yet, there are few better ways to spend it then working a simple project you’ve been looking forward to while watching BBC and other British shows.  Especially if there’s coconut cream pie mixed into the equation.
I picked out more mellow colors for this one.  In the past, when I had first started making blankets of all sorts years ago, I was known for picking colors so bright they almost looked like they were screaming at you.  But no more.  I love color, so much in fact, that I think I would be entirely depressed without it.  But now I have found myself drifting toward the ‘low volume’ colors, and, bright prints on white or off-white backgrounds.  This way I still get all the color I love without giving myself and others headaches just from looking at the things I have made.
I’m super excited to get it and it’s pattern done ( though it’ll probably be weeks before I finish ), so if you don’t mind, I have more rectangles to make.
And, naturally, more pie to eat.

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