Calligraphy, Someday

So once again, my local library ends up being totally and completely awesome.
There is this one very special corner by the front doors that has books for sale all the time.  You can stroll over, find what you want, and drop the required payment into a wooden box before strolling out with more books you obviously need despite not actually having room for them anymore.
There’s not always something good over there ( it’s mostly beat up romance paperbacks and unwanted children’s books ), because the stock for it comes strictly from donations made to the library.  But every now and then you find something that’s pretty neat.  Or, in this case, really neat.
The Complete Calligraphy Set” was standing suggestively on the bottom shelf when I turned, just about to leave the library, to see it staring at me.
“Come,” it said to me.  “You KNOW you want to take me home.”

“I do?” I wondered.  And then, “Yes.  Yes I DO want to take you home.”

But did I have enough cash to take it home?  Or was money going to come between us?
The little yellow sticker on the top of it said it was only $6.  So no, thank goodness, money was not going to come between us.
Thus it now stands along side my other meager calligraphy items, slowly preparing me for the day when I will actually sit down and teach myself calligraphy.  It has been a dream of mine since last summer, when I checked out no less than 10 calligraphy books to do just that, but sadly, Life came in and slapped me back to reality.
I did not have enough time, you see, to sit for hours and hours to properly be able to learn calligraphy, nor do I really have the time right now, not with everything else I’m trying to do all at once.  One day, when I finish with the 12 dozen other things I having going on right now, I’ll do it.
( Though I’ll have to go get some more ink first, as the little bottle my set came with, is all used up. )
And when I do, you can guess how absolutely fabulous this blog is going to look.

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