Skillet Birthday Cookie

I had the wonderful pleasure of waking up early this morning to make my daddy not just one, but two skillet cookies for his birthday.  He has never been big on sweet cakes loaded down with lots of frosting, but skillet cookies are something that he just can’t get enough of.
I used Martha Stewart’s chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe, with extra butter smeared into the cast iron before it got put into the oven, because really, there can never be enough butter.  If you’re wondering why I had to make two instead of just one, well, let me just remind you that my family and I are piranhas.  There’s just over half of one left as I type this.  I’d bet my spleen that even that will be gone by breakfast tomorrow.
All in all, it was a wonderful day spent relaxing at home, baking, tinkering with the truck, drinking iced tea, and of course, eating slices of cookie.  We made him one of his favorite meals for dinner, pulled pork quesadillas with homemade guacamole.  It’s a bit of a tradition of ours to let the birthday person pick out what they would like to have made for them for dinner.
It made me smile to look out our kitchen window over the tops of the neighborhood houses and see the sunset lit up with my daddy’s favorite color: orange.  Everyone around my house is currently chasing some dream or goal of their’s, determined to make it work.  Call it silly, but it felt sort of special to have his favorite color in the sky to end his special day, especially with all the hard work he’s been doing lately to reach his dreams.
My daddy is just as silly as he is wise, and just as loving as he strong.  He taught me to dream, and to work hard, to smile, and to look for the hidden beauty in everything in nature around me.  He never complained when he had to hum to me for hours at a time at 3 in the morning just to get me to fall asleep when I was a baby, and he never failed to share his food with me even though he just got home from a 12 hour shift and was starving himself ( because as a toddler, everything tastes better coming from someone else’s plate, right? ).
He’s always been by my side, I know that we still have plenty of adventures left to go on.

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