Birthday Buckets Of Fun

Last week it was my daddy’s birthday; this week it is my mama’s birthday.  I heard her get up early this morning, as is normally her custom.  I slept in for a bit, letting her enjoy the quiet house to herself for while.
 After a little bit, I finally wandered down the stairs to sleepily sing her happy birthday.  Then it was up to the kitchen, to get busy baking once again.  My original plan was to make her some Southern Belles for her birthday threat; but then I got to thinking about how delicious those skillet cookies I made for my daddy had tasted, and thought, “Well, why not make both?”
So I did.
These skillet cookies seem to be becoming a bit of a new tradition to make on birthday’s in our house.  It’s tradition that I would most certainly be pleased to have.
As for the Southern Belles, I spent the rest of the morning baking them up.  You will be pleased to hear that baking them was a bit of double mission.  The top reason was because my mama loves them.  But the second reason was so I could get pictures along the way to make you a post on how to make some Southern Belles for yourself.  That recipe will be up sometime next week, but I’m not telling you when exactly.  You’ll just have to watch and see.
It was a quiet day, which is what my mama loves best.  She got yummy baked goods, help with the garden, and plenty of time to work on the dream that she’s chasing: her blanket shop.  I have watched her make and create all sorts of handmade items over the years.  Her love for crafting and making is what has been my inspiration to craft things of my own. It is because of her I have the cooking, baking, and HomeEc skills that I do.  Some of my fondest memories are of the times when I was little, sitting next to her on the couch as she taught me to knit or embroider.
She has always been there to teach me everything that she knows, and she’ll always be there to answer my questions in the future.  Firm yet sweet, kind and comforting, she taught me to always care for those you love, and appreciate the simple things in life above all others.  And all the while, her flowers on the fence are blooming just as brightly as the novelties coming from her own hands.

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