Fun-tastic Cupcakes

My little sister was talking to me about something she had read in one of her books this morning when the word ‘cake’ was mentioned.  We couldn’t get the thought of it out of our heads after that.  We could just imagine how nice it wold be to have a cake to eat, or cupcakes, for that matter.  Sweet, fluffy, and delicious cupcakes.
So we decided that we needed to make some.
More correctly, I found a recipe on Pinterest for made-from-scratch cupcakes and she made them for me.  Isn’t she just the sweetest?
It was really fun to sit at the dinning room table ( to supervise, you know ) and watch her make these from scratch all by herself.  I was very proud, I have to tell you.  Reading the recipe and making the measurements with little input and advice from me.
While she was mixing and baking, I got to sit back and read.  Really, I can’t see how the situation could have been better.  Having cupcakes made for me while I got to supervise and read, and read, and read some more to my little heart’s content, knowing that I would have treats to eat at the end of it?  That must be what it feels like to have servants.
( Not that my little sister is my servant or anything.  At least, as far as she is concerned.  But not really.  Just joking.  Maybe.  Mostly.  )
And they weren’t just any cupcakes, either.  They were funfetti cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles on the top ( I pinned the recipe here to my Yummy Foods board, if you would like to make some yourself ).  We didn’t have any powdered sugar for frosting, so we tossed the chocolate sprinkles on instead ( notice how I say we because supervising your younger sibling is really half of the work, you know ).
In the end they turned out great, even without the frosting.  She ( we ) did a great job making them.  I’m so proud of her ( us ).  This is why it’s so great to have younger siblings.  You’ll always have someone there to boss around I mean help you out and make you cupcakes for absolutely no reason other than the fact that they love you.
Seriously though.  My little sister’s pretty great.

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