Inky Tangles

I’ve been doing quite a bit more Zentangle here lately then I ever have before ( that’s not to say I’m doing a lot a lot of it, but just a lot for me ).  This is because I have made it a part of my new schedule to do one new tangle a week.  This gives me a solid reason to set time aside specifically for my doodling, which I love, and it gives me plenty of time to spread out the hours it takes to make one tangle throughout the week.
I thought I’d just show the ones I’ve done since my first tangle of this year that I showed you here.
And there they all are.  Like I said, it’s not much, and it’s not all that professional or clean looking, but I’m very happy with them myself.  I really enjoy making these tangles, and I’m glad I made the decision to make it apart of my life on a regular basis, because it is something that relaxes and de-stresses me as well as makes me smile.
With practice I’m sure my hand will grow better, and my ink strokes will become more uniform and clean.  I’m sure the practice holding and working with the pens will help my hands when I finish editing my 28 children’s short stories and I go to start doodling little animals to decorate their pages.

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