Falling in Drafts Again

Let’s pretend that it’s fall for a moment ( which I’m sure we all wish it was, to get away from the baking heat of the summer sun ).  Smell the turning leaves, feel the crisp air on your skin, and look at all the fall drafts I finished.
Yes, this is the reason I want you to come frolicking through the leaves with me.  I don’t want pumpkin pie or a leaf pile; I want to celebrate having finished all seven of the children’s short stories I have set in the fall season.
Hopefully I was able to put you in the fall mood even though it’s summer.  It’s kind of a tricky thing to do when it’s out of season, but I had my handy dandy drawer of pressed leaves and some other dried flowers and drift wood to help me set the tone.
Now wether or not these photos look even remotely fall-ish to you ( if they don’t please give me some slack and remember that it is actually summer right now ) isn’t the point of this post.  We’re here to celebrate, people!  Do you remember the editing slump I was in?  And I mean severe editing slump?  Well boy oh boy am I coming out of it now.  I have my summer and my fall first drafts done now.  Winter and spring are both half done.  I’m so close now to having all 28 of my stories edited.
When I finished my summer drafts I suggested we celebrate together with ice-cream.  This time, let’s go with pie.  Apple pie, peach pie, blueberry pie, whatever kind of pie.  Just pie.  It really does’t matter, because honestly, if it’s pie, how can it be bad?  It goes so well with fall, too.  Though if you want to go back to the ice-cream and sneak a scoop of vanilla on top of your slice, then that’s fine with me.  I won’t tell anyone.

2 responses to “Falling in Drafts Again

  1. CONGRATS FOR KICKING YOUR EDITING SLUMP!! and also omg, yes please to pie and ice cream. I think they compliment each other nicely, right? So both. Both is good.
    But I think the post looked very fall-ish and that first photo is GORGEOUS. And I'm just so happy for you that your stories are nearly done and are coming together nicely!! HUZZAH!


  2. THANKS A BUNCH CAIT!!! XD I'm super excited over my stories too!!! The next phase is illustrating, though. Not so sure how that's going to go…. You wouldn't know anyone who's good at drawing, would you? XD You know what else is good with ice cream though? Cake. Or an ice cream cake. That sounds pretty good right about now too, yes?


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