A Yarny Recap: Where I Went & What I Did

Now where on Earth did I go for just over two weeks?  Somewhere without internet connection or the ability to socialize, apparently.  Ok, so that’s not entirely true.  I actually stayed right where I’m sitting as I type this, at my desk, in my room, drinking tea and over caffeinating ( as usual ).  I may have also been consuming copious amounts of peanut butter.   Can neither confirm nor deny.
But I’m back now, and here to give you the recap of the past two weeks or so.  Let’s a make a bullet list.  Yes, I think a bullet list will do nicely.
  • I finished my Egypt mythology book!!!  Yes, isn’t it exciting!  I even wrote an essay on it, albeit a very confused one because I was trying to cram all of the things I found interesting into a tiny little essay without turning it into a 500 page thesis or something.  Here’s the opening paragraph.

“The waters of the Ancient Egyptian mind are murky and uncertain regions to traverse.  Even in today’s world of the internet and seemingly endless knowledge where we think we know it all, much of the Ancient Egyptian world and it’s thoughts still remain shrouded behind the curtain of the Nile, lost deep within it’s dark waters and muddied banks.  Plunderers, grave robbers, and even the Egyptian people themselves caused damaged that has lead to a deficit in our understanding of their ancient world.  But the biggest culprit?  Time.  It is the age of Egypt that bars our way most strongly, that has caused much of it’s old world to be, almost literally, lost to the sands of time.”

Intriguing, yes?  Makes you want to read the whole essay, doesn’t it?  Well trust me, you don’t.  But please, continue to think that I am a master of the essay.  Some lies are ok to believe ( but only the little ones I give you, ok?   Don’t go believing everything everybody tells you, because they don’t have your best interests at heart like I do. ).
Back to the bullet list.
  • My next culture to study?  The Irish!!!  I have to tell you that I’m super excited about this one too, possibly even more excited then I was about Egypt.  Though I am a little concerned about the size of this Irish book.  It’s over 600 pages long.  Mildly concerned that it might crush me by accident.
  • On the subject of books, I finished “A Gathering of Shadows” and I loved it!!!
  • Oh, and “The Bell Jar”?  It was definitely one heck of a book.  I can’t say too much without running the story for you ( and I HATE that ), so just go read it.  Like, right about now.
  • I have a new plant.  What does this mean, you wonder?  Well my Johny-Jump-Up died, sadly.  The one I had sitting in a little glass container on my windowsill.  It was’t going to last forever, and after it seeded, it was gone.  But I have now planted some of my very own bachelor’s buttons in the glass container, and they are doing great!  I am questioning that decision now though, because they are a tall plant.  A very tall plant.  In a little container.  On my windowsill.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

  • I drew this little guy!  How cute is he?!  I just love him.  My little bitty ghost, looking a bit unsure of things, probably slightly concerned with the sanity of the person who drew him ( at least I would be, if I were him, and, you know, if he were actually alive but shhh ).
  • Oh and this.  I drew this.  I’m just gonna’ leave it right there.
  • Yoga has become a regular ( -ish ) part of my weeks and it has done me a ton of good.  I basically do hours of walking and lifting heavy things where I work and I have to admit that I am a small person, so this does not exactly make my little back feel good.  But yoga does.  It also helps me relax, because I get kind of stressed about time a lot.  Turns out, I’m not actually as flexible as I thought I was!  But that’s getting better too.  I haven’t managed to rip anything important yet so I’m counting that as a win.
  • I have also a) been continuing with my editing b) been super busy with school and work and responsibility ( ick ) which is the main reason I disappeared into the unknowable void that is my room and c) been working on starting a new book focused blog but never fear!  I have plans to move to WordPress ( shhh, don’t tell Google ) and I believe I can have multiple sections, so to speak, under one blag name, which means the main part of my blog will be for books, and on the side I can still do some journal blogging just like I do here.  I’ll keep you posted on this. Like, literally posted.  Because that’s what these are, you know.  Blog posts.  Anyways.
So now I’m back ( for now ) and I will stay back ( for now ) so don’t worry!  You don’t have to miss me anymore!  I certainly missed all of you and missed writing a blog post or two here and there but boy, was I super busy ( also, I might have spent some time just lying on my bed stressing about how busy I was but you know ).  I think I have my act together now ( at least slightly more together then it was before ) so all there is to do is continue pressing forward!

2 responses to “A Yarny Recap: Where I Went & What I Did

  1. I MISSED YOU. *sprinkles welcome back cake crumbs in your hair* And oooh, you have been industriously busy! And moving to wordpress?! YAY. I love wordpress. I totally have zero regrets for leaving blogger basically haha.

    AND OMG YOUR DRAWING IS INCREDIBLE. I was doing a bit of zentangle-drawing-doodles last year but I got out of the habit and I was annoyed at myself for not doing it perfectly. (I know! I'm terrible!) But I really want to get back into it. :')

    Also I'm intensely glad you liked A Gathering Of Shadows. Kell. <3 RHY. <33 LILAAAAAA. *hugs them all*


  2. Ahhh thank you for missing me! That makes me feel so special. :) *does a happy dance* (albeit a very poor one XD)

    This is probably the one and only drawing that I could show people without pointing out anything that's wrong with it because it took me over a week and half to draw and it the best thing I have ever drawn and I love it. The secret though? It was actually super simple! That's why I love doodling and Zentangle so much. I have a few Zentangle book recommendations if you would like them…..

    And there are no words for THAT BOOK. Just joyful screaming. I want the next one and I want it NOW.


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