Saturday Brunch

What happens when you sleep in till 10 in the morning after staying up till midnight playing Fallout: New Vegas and then wake up and decide, “You know what, I feel eating pancakes.” ?  Well turns out, you get your lazy butt up and make pancakes.
I have to confess, this is the first time I have slept in past 9 in the morning in years.  Years, I tell you.  Why?  I’m not sure, I just don’t like sleeping in all that much.  It bothers me somehow, like I’m wasting my day or something.  ( Which doesn’t make a lot of sense because I’m down for taking naps in the middle of the day any time you ask but if I made sense I wouldn’t be me, would I? )  So I was actually super surprised that I felt lazy enough to sleep in that late.  But when I did finally get up, my tastebuds wanted pancakes.
I struggled a bit making these pancakes, not because they’re hard to make or because I’m capable of burning water* ( I actually make a mean baked potato soup with home made rue and all the works so A+ kitchen skills for me ), but because my blood sugar was low.  Very low.  I get lightheaded very easily if I don’t eat enough, so after not having eaten since dinner the evening before ( that’s what, 18 hours or so without food? ) I was in need of those pancakes.
*I have never actually burned water, just want to put that out there.  Not that you can, but still.
I piled myself some of those bad boys up in a bowl with blueberries and honey and boy, where they good.  It was about 11:30 or so by the time I finally took a bite, after mixing and cooking and cleaning up after myself ( because you do not want to leave a dirty kitchen for your mother to clean up ( not because she’s threatened to tie a pork chop around your neck and leave you in the foothills for the coyotes to eat or anything, but because you’re a nice person who wants to help your mother out** ) ), and also after taking a couple of pictures just for you, yes that’s right, wonderful you, who is so special and who I appreciate so much for being here with me reading this ( I truly do ).
**Or both.  Both is a possibility.
They tasted as good they look.  Maybe even better.  It was a milk free, egg free recipe ( though I did use extra butter ), so my mother could eat them without feeling bad afterward.  It was good start to a great lazy day, and later in the evening, the extra pancakes had fried chicken piled on top of them for a great breakfast-y dinner.  Yum.
Now I’m off to drink even more caffeine then I did this morning, because it’s going to be another late night.  The Rhythmic Gymnastics All Around Individual Finals comes on here in my area at 23:30, and won’t end until 0:30.  Then, at 9 tomorrow morning the group finals will be on, and I don’t want to miss either of them.  Olympics over sleep is what I say.  They only come every four years, so might as well watch all you can, right?
Let’s go USA!!!!!  WHOOO!!!!!

2 responses to “Saturday Brunch

  1. Oh you are so hilarious. XD BUT THIS POST MADE ME WAY TOO HUNGRY AND NOW I AM SUFFERING. *collapses in a heap of needing panackes* ACtually I am 100% with you on the sleeping-in thing. I never sleep in. Nopity no. Actually I did this morning, if 6:10am counts as “sleeping in” (I usually get up at 5:30 but it was raining and I couldn't go for a run so…#crying) But I'm absolutely down for naps too.😂 IT MAKES SENSE TO ME. Mornings are for productivity! Afternoons are for napping! TOTALLY WORKS. (Totally doesn't but shh.)
    I'm still hungry. I thought maybe if I just merrily typed up this comment and stopped looking at the photos I would get over it? BUT NOPE. *devours laptop screen*


  2. AH GOOD. I though I was the only one who was weird with the sleeping in. XD As long we say it makes sense though then people will believe that it does even if doesn't and really I think that's close enough.

    I AM SORRY FOR YOUR SUFFERING. That was not my intention please forgive me. *gives you apology cake with sprinkles* Hopefully that will make things better. You know what this means though you now have an excuse as to why you NEED to make pancakes ( or have someone make them for you ) so now you can have pancakes whenever you want and no one can tell you no because all you have to do is blame this post! XD ( I give you complete permission to blame this post as a way to get pancakes whenever you want just so you know. )


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