For the Love of Books! : A New Blog ( sort of )

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So here it is!  After another 2 week or so hiatus of blogging, I’m back at it again!  The break this time wasn’t due to me spiraling into my excessively long To-Do List and becoming a hermit ( or Hobbit ) in my room due to said list, but because of this lovely  new site I have here!

I have, quite simply, moved my blogging self from Blogger to WordPress.  This was a very simply thing to do, but because of how picky I get with details it took longer to for me to get to this ‘first’ new post than maybe it should have.


Never the less, I got here!  And I’ve made the decision to start Book Blogging, most of the time.  I’ve haven’t done it before, but I’m just going to jump right in and have fun!  I’m not sure if there’s a ‘certain way’ that book blogging should be done, but even if there was, I’d probably break all the rules anyways because I’m just a rebel like that.  Here a few oddities that already apply to me and my blog:

a) I am NOT going to sing up for any ARCs.

This is strange I think?!?  Somehow it seems the norm as a ‘book blogger’ to try and get advance read copies but I don’t feel like going through the hassle.  I basically live at my library anyways so book buying money isn’t really an issue ( though if I could buy ALL the books I certainly would ).

b) I don’t read a ton of the new and ‘most popular’ books.

Now this isn’t to say that I don’t read any new and super famous books at all, because I do.  This is just to say that I don’t pick up books just because they’re new and all the critics are raving about them.  I pick up books based on how I feel at the time.  I might ‘miss out’ on the hype of a book when it first comes out because I wasn’t paying attention to it, and then years later pick it up and love it after everyone else has stopped reading it.  So I’ll be all “Oh my gosh look at this book I found!  I really love it!” and everyone else will be looking at me kind of funny because that book was famous years ago and I’m treating it like it’s brand new and never heard of before.  Oh well.

c) I was a ‘journal’ blogger, now I’m a ‘book’ blogger, what if I end up being a ‘travel’ blogger in the future?! ( What is this blog even about?! )

Well, the answer to the first question is, I don’t consider myself to be just one type of blogger ( or even a professional one but if I fool you into thinking that I am than shhh keep believing that ).  I was a journal blogger, now I’m mostly going to be a book blogger, but I could pick up or put down any other types of blogging I feel like or don’t feel like in the future.  I am a very erratic person and I wish to dip my toes into all the different puddles of life.

Which brings me to the answer of the second question.  This blog is about whatever I feel like at the time ( which changes and reverts back to old whims on an erratic basis ).  That’s why the title of my blog doesn’t point to any one sphere of blogging in particular.  It’s main subject(s) is whatever thing or things I am most interested in at the time.  This will probably result in my blog having a few different and seemingly unconnected categories in the far future as I change, but oh well.  My goal in life is to enjoy it and that’s what I’m going to do here, too.


Well, there it is!  The first ‘new’ post on my ‘new’ site.  I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding me if you used to read me back on Blogger.  And if you just found me, then what luck!  I’m a ton of fun, like even more tons than an elephant kind of fun, so you’re in for a good ride.  :)


Let’s Chat!

Have you ever changed things up on your blog?  Do you think it’s important to keep things the same or should people have fun and do however they please?  Oh, and do you have a Bookstagram?  I just started mine on the 31st, and I would love to see your links!


4 responses to “For the Love of Books! : A New Blog ( sort of )

  1. OH CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BLOG!! *tosses confetti everywhere* I don’t think there should be rules for book blogging, so you’re fine. ;) I’m excited to see what you write! And it’s awesome when bloggers do a bit of everything, because every time I visit it’s like “omg what glorious surprise will we have today”. So you are WINNING truly. I actually used to be a travel/journal blog myself. haha. Ahem. So I’m all for changing things to blog about whatever you want!


    • Thank you so much Cait!!! XD Now we may revel together in all the bookish glory! Also glad there are no ‘rules’ because I suck I following rules. I will try to have plenty of glorious surprises ( I’m certainly random enough to have an unlimited supply ) and glad you love my photos! :)


  2. I found you on Cait’s comment section actually. I finally moved to self hosted wordpress this year (actually february) and I’m still messing around with things hahah :D I am picky myself and dont have as much time to dedicate to it as I’d like. My blog is also mostly about books with occasional travel and food posts and I picked my new name for the same reason as you haha. So glad to have found you we seem to have a lot in common. Happy reading!


    • I’m glad you found me at all. I seem to have problems getting found in general! XD How much we have in common makes it even better! It’s good to hear that I’m not the only person who get’s overly picky, and that I don’t have the only “variety” blog out there. It certainly is hard to find time to do these things, but I do have fun with it when I can, and I think that’s what’s counts. I’ll be keeping up with you on your blog; let me know if you have any questions about WordPress! ( Not sure I’ll know the answer but it can’t hurt to ask, right? )


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