Heilograven.com Is Now Live: Excuse Me I Must Break From the Books & Shout With Excitement!

Now I just started book blogging about a week and half ago and I have to say that everyone is just so darn nice that I can’t believe it!  The bookish community is amazing!  So before I start raving on about a seemingly unrelated photography site, I just want to shout out to all the wonderful people who have been reading my blog so far, the ones who are currently reading this, and all the awesome people I have yet to meet in the future.  :)

Ok, so now back to this Heilograven business.  What is it?  Why am I’m excited about it?  And why, for goodness sake, am I doing a ‘journal’ post just a week and half after I started book blogging?!

I have a good reason so please bare with me ( and I really do think you’ll end up liking it in the end ).

Drum roll please.

Heliogarven is a stunning photography site made and run by ( wait for it ), MY DAD!!!  So as you can see I just had to say something about it, because I love you Daddy, but we have been waiting for so long for him to start his site and now that it is finally here, I am so immensely proud of him.  I think I might just pop at the seams.


I would put a photo of my dad up here but he doesn’t like pictures of himself any more than I do ( must be where I got it from XD ) so here’s an abstract I took instead.

He’s put years of practice into his photography and months of work in the evenings after he got home from his other job to get his site up and working, and I think it has paid off big time.  Now how biased am I when I say his work is stunning?  Ok, probably a little, but honestly, I think you’ll agree with me.

Here’s the part where you end up really liking this post: it’s the part where you get to go look at his site.  Tell me what you think!  Be honest with me ( honestly ).  Do you think my opinion is completely biased?  Or do you agree that my dad had an almost uncanny talent to capture those quiet, hidden moments in nature that make this world so beautiful?

I’m in love with how beautiful his photographs are, and I think you will be, too.  I enjoy just looking at them.  As a bonus, I even pull writing inspiration from his images.  So much so, in fact, that I have stolen borrowed** some of his photos from around the house to put up in my room, one of my favorites being Hasenpfeffer Dew because bunnies are my absolute favorite animal.  I call him ‘8-bit Bunny’ though because hasenpfeffer = German rabbit dish and this is slightly upsetting to me.

**shhhh it’s completely for writing purposes ( not ) so it’s justified ( maybe )

Ok, so now I have raved, and I am satisfied enough to return back to my book blogging ( until I find something else non-bookish to rave about, though really there isn’t much so that kind of makes this a special post ).  And you’re welcome for sharing such beautiful photos for you to look at ( as I’m sure you’re thanking me by now ).

What I really want you to take from this post is the fact that you can still reach your dreams no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you are in life.  My dad has been waiting for over 3 decades to get this point, after going to college, serving in the Air Force for 8 years, working 60 hour weeks, and being the best daddy that had ever existed on this planet, sacrificing his dream job of being a photographer to make sure that my siblings and I had a great childhood.  He’s taught me so much over the years, and now that he is finally here, he can teach you something too.

Never give up on your dreams.  They’re always out there, and you can always reach them.


Chat with me!

What do you think of my dad’s photos?  What is your dream job?  Have you been working toward a goal in you life for a long time?  Do you ever feel like maybe you won’t reach it?  Tell me, and I’ll give you encouragement.  Let me know if I can help!  Whatever you do, don’t give up on it!


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