Falling Kingdoms


I first bought this book years ago: over two years ago, to be exact, along with the next two books in the series.  They have been sitting on my shelf above my bed glaring down at me for quite some time.  Their particular position directly above my head had begun to worry me as of late.  They seemed rather angry that they had gone unread for so long, and therefor more and more likely to ‘accidentally’ fall on my head.

So when I jumped into the #livelaughbooksseptember Bookstagram photo challenge ( only the day after starting my Bookstagram account because that’s what sensible people do you know ), I threw Falling Kingdoms into my September TBR and took a photo to solidify my commitment.

I am no longer worried that the rest of the Falling Kingdoms series is going to fall on my head.  I seem to have pacified them ( for now ).


Somethings I Liked

  • The Watchers.

For me the idea of The Sanctuary and how the Watchers could see through the eyes of the hawks was very interesting.  I would also like to know more about their individual history; this is something I am hoping for more of in the next book.

  • Intriguing character relationships.

Now not all of the character relationships were very interesting or twisting with depth and uncertainties, but the moment about 2/3 of the way through the book between Magnus and Lucia very nearly ripped my heart out ( not for Magnus, but for Lucia ), and I need to know how it ends.

  • The King of Blood.

To be very clear I don’t like The King of Blood himself, just his awesome title.  It was the best name in the book honestly.  And to make it better ( or worse? ) he lives up to it, making it a very honest and real title, not just some hollow scare factor ( though it’s still a bit scary to be honest ).

  • The Paelsians rising up to free themselves.

There were mistakes made by the Paelsian people but I can’t help but root for them!  Any time an oppressed people stand up and fight for themselves I just beam with pride.  I really hope things get better for them by the end of the series.

  • The nice list of names at the front of the book.

Any time there are a ton of characters I think it’s very important to have a list of names and who they are at the front or back of the book, and that’s exactly what this book had.

  • Magic.

I’m a sucker for magic.  Always have been, always will be.

Somethings I Didn’t Like

  • Cleo being heroically rescued like a traditional damsel in distress.

The clichés, they just kill me.

  • The cover is deceiving.

There was no white cloaked assassin running around killing royals like I presumed there would be based on the person who is on the cover.  Now I know, I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I was really hoping for a cloaked assassin and I didn’t get one.

  • The stupidity of the Paelsian Chief.

I wanted to shout at him and wring his neck.  I mean honestly, what was he thinking?!  Like I said, mistakes were made.

  • The map was too simple.

love bookish maps and this one just didn’t do it for me unfortunately.  I wanted it to be, just, more, if you know what I mean.

  • I didn’t feel particularly attached to one character.

Not that I need a fictional buddy to enjoy a story, but it is kind of nice to read about a character and think, “We could best friends.”  Don’t get me wrong, I intensely liked a good portion of the characters, but I didn’t feel very relatable to any of them.  Of course, I don’t own a castle ( yet ), so maybe that’s part of the problem.

  • Magic.

Why is magic in the minus list as well as the plus list?  Because I wanted more of it!!

Will I Finish the Rest of the Series?

Why yes, of course.  Not only do I own most of the series and therefore feel a need to read them so I don’t feel like I’ve blown my money, but it has grabbed my attention enough for me to want to know what happens to everyone and their kingdoms.  It was a light, quick read, making it perfect for my busy schedule.  You can follow along with this book without having to devote a ton of your brain power to it, which can sometimes be a very, very good thing.

★★★ Three Star Rating


Let’s Chat!

Have you read Falling Kingdoms?  What did you think of it?  Do like to see detailed bookish maps?  How do you feel about clichés?  Do you think there’s no need to kill them or do they kill you?  And do you think an assassin can always make a book better?  ( I do. )


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