Yarny Recap: Instagram, Audiobooks, & the World’s Cutest Dragon Ring

I have had the wonderful pleasure of kicking off my book blogging this month, and I just have to tell you how much FUN I’ve been having.

( Though I have, what, 7 or 8 bookish posts so far?  Whatever, everyone has to start somewhere. )

As of this post I have:

10 followers on my blog

17 followers on Instagram ( Bookstagram )


That is a genuine shout of excitement.  No sarcasm what so ever.  We may be tiny, my beloved groupies! ( For this is what I have affectionately decided to call you.  )  But I love you all!

Now you may be thinking, “Geez Em, get a life.”, and I wouldn’t blame you, but you have to understand, I have some anxiety.  I don’t like reaching out to other people first, because I don’t want to bother them.  This often results in me not talking to people very often, or being very social at all, really.  But I actually love talking to people!  Truly, I do.  But most people don’t realize this because I have a hard time reaching out.

 So the fact that I’m in double digits?!  Wow.  I never thought that would happen.  But I’m so glad it did.  ;)  It’s been such a confidence booster, and everyone I’ve met so far in the bookish community is the best.

So now Groupies, spread the word!  I would love to have you all coming to my blog and being friends with me.  It’s a joy to read your comments and chat with you; it makes me smile.  And most importantly, if you ever, ever just want to chat, for fun or because you’re feeling down, contact me.  I’ll chat with you whenever; believe me, I know how much this can help.


The Book Count

Read: 8

Audio Books: 1

Pages Read: 2,228

Hours Listened: 10 ( it was somewhere around 10 I think but I forgot to actually pay attention )

Books Acquired: only 4  *silent tears begin to flow*

Library Books Borrowed: 7-including the audio book, borrowed online via Overdrive

Reading Challenge: 46 out of 47 books read, 11 books ahead of schedule

The Books

  • Marvel’s The Runaways Vol. 1-4

Unfortunately, the first four books were all I could read.  I’ve never really been into superheroes that much ( aside from watching the awesome Marvel movies ).  I’ve just never felt like reading about them, but I thought I’d give these a try.  Well, try I did, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

 2-3 Stars

I LOVED this book.  It wasn’t a great surprise considering I have generally loved all of Miss Victoria’s books that I’ve read so far.  ( Psst, you can read my review here. )

4 Stars

This book was, interesting, to say the least.  But in the best possible way!  I’m not sure how else to describe this funny collection of artwork; just go look for it.  ( Full review here. )

5 Stars

I’ve heard a ton of negative and positive reviews for this book, and normally I might not have picked it up because of this.  But I bought the first 3 books in the series years ago so I felt I kind of should read them, you know?  I ended up landing in the middle; check out my review and see if you agree with me.

3 Stars

This was a BEAST of a book; a 782 page long beast that I had to read for school this month. And instead of reading it in little bits throughout the whole month, I intelligently read 737 of those pages in the last four days of the month and just finished last night 12 MINUTES BEFORE MIDNIGHT.  You know, right before the deadline.

Don’t do as I do.  Don’t cause yourself that kind of stress.

( Review coming soon. )

3 Stars

This is pretty much the first audio book I’ve ever listened to.  I have listened to Rick Riordan narrate his three Percy Jackson and the Kane Chronicles crossovers, but that’s it!  It was a bit different to listen to an audio book vs. reading it, but in the end, I liked it.  ( Review also coming soon. )

4 Stars

So over all September was a pretty neutral book month.  Most of the books I read landed somewhere in the middle for me.  The most disappointing part is the part where ONLY got four new books.

Don’t worry.  I’ll be fixing that next month.

Here they are, though.


Elsewhere In Life

  • I’m knitting a shawl!  The Metamorphosis Shrug, to be exact.  It’s perfect for me in every possible way ( and I’m totally not having to take stitches out because despite the fact I thought I was following the pattern properly turns out I’m NOT ).


  • I’m crocheting an octopus!  A mounted octopus, mind you.  Look at how cute the legs are!  ( P.S. Turns out I am following this pattern correctly. )


  • My Instagram looks fabulous.  ( Shameless self-promotion. )  But I think you’ll agree with me.  ( Look at mr. froggy!  Helooks great in bookish photos, doesn’t he?  And he may or may not be the only “theme” I claim to have. )
  • I also completed my first photo challenge!  #livelaughbooksseptember was a ton of fun.  This month I’ll be doing two, #queenslibraryoctober16 and #bookishrainbow16 , both of which I’m excited for!
  • Ok, one last Bookstagram thing.  I have started a photo scavenger hunt, just for the fun of it!  Each day I’ll post to my Instagram Story what you’re hunting for today.  Find the object, take a bookish photo with it, and tag your photo #yarnyscavenger so I can see it.  Think of it as a daily prompt for whenever you can’t think of what to post; and as a great way to have fun and connect with other bookish people!  As motivation, I’ll feature my favorite post of the day in my next story, too.


  • I have a tiny dragon ring!!!  Is this important?  YES.  Look at how cute he is!!!  He’s the cutest, you can’t even deny it.


  • I now have 15 out of 28 of my children’s short stories edited!!  ( At least, they’re first drafts now, not rough drafts. Fine tune polishing is still needed, but the big wrinkles are gone. ) “What children’s stories?”, you may be wondering.  Why the ones I’m going to be self-publishing next summer, of course.  Stay tuned for updates.

So I think that about does it!!

I hope you had a great September, my lovely Groupies!  Here’s to a great October!


Let’s Chat!

Tell me how your September was!  Are you a terrible procrastinator like me?  ( For your sake, I hope you’re not.  XD )  Are you doing any #bookstagram photo challenges?  Link me to your Instagram account so I can follow you and all your bookish photos!


2 responses to “Yarny Recap: Instagram, Audiobooks, & the World’s Cutest Dragon Ring

  1. Congratulations and welcome to the book blogging community! reaching double digits is amazing and I am really happy for you, I understand quite well about the anxiety thing.
    I just followed you on bookstagram and I request photos of your finished octopus! Great post :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Michelle! Books are ( not joking ) at least 90% of my life, so it’s definitely a community that I’m excited to join, and a topic that I truly love and care about!

      I appreciate know that someone understands abut having anxiety & issues with stress; that alone is helpful. :) Thank you so much for the Bookstagram follow! What’s your username? ( So that I can make sure I’m following you, too. )


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