A Better Way To Spend My Week


As a bona fide book lover and word junkie, I often spend my days wishing I was literally inside of a book, instead of simply enjoying it’s literary beauty.  I have no doubts that all of you reading this feel the same way, too, because the very reason we read ( if not for learning ) is to escape; to find a better place, of comfort or excitement; to forget all our worldly troubles and be able to smile again.

This week has increased this inevitable want of mine even more.  I w0n’t bother you with the reasons why, because today is not a day to focus on the reasons we want to disappear inside a book; no, today is a day for sharing with you the three bookish places that would have made my week better, if only I could have actually gone there.

The Daily Post for today is Fictional Intruder; I have to confess, I’m glad I came across this pretty prompt.  The idea of this post came from it ( obviously ), but more than that, it has given me a happy idea to post and smile about.  So I am grateful, truly.

Now, onto the better bookish places!


Where I Dreamt of Being This Week

  • On a Road Trip With Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase

When I first read The Lightening Thief, my favorite part of this book wasn’t just the mythology and the sarcasm, but the sort of “road trip” that Percy and Annabeth ( and Grover, too ) had to go on to complete their quest.  I’ve always loved to travel and go on trips; more than that, I’ve always loved being in a car or truck, watching the world zoom by, feeling the wind, listening to my favorite music, just going for the sake of going, discovering new things, and above all, feeling free.

  • In Shearwater Solving Problems

This weekend I’ve been working on finishing the audiobook of A Curse Dark as Gold, a Rumpelstiltskin retelling written by Elizabeth C. Bunce.  It might not be a very happy story, but I love how Charlotte is so strong and determined.  I draw great encouragement from her.  I always love to be presented with a problem that I can solve, and Charlotte has had more than her fair share of problems.  It might sound strange, but I actually would have liked to have been there alongside her as a friend, to puzzle over and help solve all her problems.  Sometimes helping with other people’s problems can make you feel better about your own.

  • Finding Lost Things

There is something about Lost & Found by  Shaun Tan and John Marsden that made me really happy.  My favorite story was, of course, The Lost Thing, the second story in the book.  It’s a hard decision to make, for all three stories are amazing in my eyes, but this week in particular calls to the strange, lost creature present in that story.  I feel a bit like it; or perhaps the boy who found it.  In one hand I feel like a lost thing, and I wish someone would find me and lead me home; on the other hand, I wish I could find something lost, and lead it home.  I share an affinity with lost things; and this, perhaps, is why I wish I had been with some this week.


No matter what happens, good or not so good, I think all readers will aways wish to live some of their favorite stories.  The number of stories I wish to live are as countless as the stars; but these are the three that really called to me this week.

Thankfully, so long as we continue to read, we can always come pretty close living our most treasured stories.


Let’s Chat!

Where would you liked to have been in particular this week?  What bookish places would have made your week better?  Do you agree with any of my choices above?  What book is your go-to escape from reality?


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