Yarny Recap: October 16


I spent the first part of my month planning and being all happy looking at all the work and productiveness I was going to get done if I could only stick to my schedule; I then spent the second part of my month watching those plans crumble and go up in flames.

Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned.

I was going to finish my editing on the children’s short stories that I’m going to self-publish; but I didn’t.

I was going to read every book on my October To-Be-Read pile; but I didn’t.

I was going to plot out a story to write during National Novel Writing Month; but I didn’t.

Basically everything I thought I was going to do this month, I wasn’t able to do.  But!  Without going into details ( because really what’s more boring than details ), I have to say that even though I am frustrated that I’ve gotten behind on all of my schedules, I wouldn’t go back and change this past month for anything.  It’s all been for family, and when you’re helping family out, it’s all worth it in the end.

One thing that has made me extra sad, though, is my Bookstagram.  I had to take about a week break from posting anything because of how hard things got.  When I finally came back to my account yesterday, I found that I had lost followers during my unplanned hiatus.

I’ve been struggling to fight through quite a bit in my life here lately; anxiety, pressure, sadness, failure, frustration; I am simply going to see this as another thing I have to get through, and keep going.  Thankfully, I’m more stubborn than I look.  I won’t let sadness overrule my determination.

On To the Books!

Well, with that out of the way, how about some books?  This a ( mostly ) bookish blog after all ( since my re-launch two months ago ), so I say yes!  Let’s get on to the books!  Because it has been a good month for acquiring books, even if I didn’t get to read as many as I wanted.

Book Haul

Has anyone been to their local dollar store as of late?  Because I have found a new love for the one in my area when I saw books stacked up in it.  Yes, that’s right.  Books, for only $1 a piece.  My oh my how this does make me happy.

  • Icons by Margaret Stohl
  • Yellowcake by Margo Lanagan
  • The Floating Islands by Rachel Neumeier
  • Rush by Eve Silver
Library Book Sale Haul

The second biannual book sale at my library was less than a week ago; and my sister and I walked out of there with four more bags of books to show for it.  The best part?  It only cost $10 for them all.  You gotta love your library.

There are a ton of books here, though, so let me just summarize:

  • 2 giant dictionaries for my sister to match the red ones I have
  • a Spanish/English dictionary for my little cousin
  • 11 Reader’s Digest condensed novels ( 2 of them are for friends )
  • 5 tiny World’s Classic books published in Oxford
  • a billiards rule book
  • a book of proverbs for my dad
  • American Literature: a History
  • Martelaarschap Der Mensheid – this translates to Martyrdom Der Humanity ( the whole book is in dutch and the ‘der’ doesn’t translate very well ).  I can’t read dutch but look at that spine!  ( Bottom of the left most pile. )
  • Detective Bookclub condensed novels book
  • some fish and cookbooks that my sister picked up
Library Haul

As par usual, I go to the library with the intension of checking out one book at a time.  Instead I end up getting more books than I could possibly read in one month with all the other things I have going on in my life.

  • The Dark Army by Joseph Delaney
  • Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill
  • Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
  • Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling
  • A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth C. Bunce ( audiobook )

Books Read

Hard Copies:  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Audiobook: A Curse Dark as Gold

SEE?!  This isn’t nearly enough books read for the month.  Life got really hard.  Hopefully it’s on the updraft now though.


Bookclub Time!

Well hello hello my fellow readers, gather round, I tell you, for there is bookclub news I wish to share with you.

Have I started a bookclub?  No.  But have I joined a bookclub?  Yes!  I have!  And it’s all thanks to lovely Bookstagram that I found it.

I have joined the Social Bookclub on Instagram ( @socialbookclub ), and our first read is starting this November!  The book of the month for November is Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake.  I’m super excited to read this book and be apart of a bookclub.  I haven’t been in one in years.  It’s not too late; you should come join us and all our bookish fun.


Of course I’m going to show off some of my favorite photos from Bookstagram this month; and then I’m going to share with you some other fabulous Bookstagrammers, too.  ( P.S.  Tomorrow I start my first monthly theme: November is going to be all black & white!  Can’t wait to see how my feed turns out. )

A Few of My Photos


Other Fabulous Bookstagrammers You Should Check Out







Top Post of the Month

10 Books That Didn’t Scare Me Like I Was Promised They Would

My Favorite Post of the Month

A Better Way To Spend My Week

Other Bookish Bloggers of Note

One of my favorite things to do is spread the bookish love; so here are some of my favorite bookish posts from other wonderful bookish people for you to check out.

Cait @Paper Fury did a hilarious post on just how hard some fictional names are to pronounce ( and spell ).

@Trickster Chase writes some pretty awesome poetry; but Debacle is my favorite from this month.

Jennifer @That’s What She Read reminds us of the importance of taking a few extra minutes to breathe ( or read ) each day.

@Reading Through the Night gives us a review of The Raven Boys audiobook; I’ll admit, she pointed out some things that I never would have thought of not having listened to the audiobook myself.


Elsewhere In Life

  • The octopus is stuffed!  Pictures to come.  Now I just need to mount him.
  • I wore my homemade Gandalf the Grey costume to work today; and the looks were priceless ( they were probably jealous of my luscious polyester beard ).
  • My family and I took a trip down to the river; I brought home far too many rocks.
  • Though arguably you can never have enough rocks.
  • Of course, I don’t really have room for anymore rocks.
  • But then again I don’t really have room for any more books and that doesn’t stop me from getting more of them.
  • I started using roll-on aroma therapy; I highly recommend.
  • My self-publishing deadline has had a set back, but I push on with it; keep tuned for more news.
  • I didn’t carve any pumpkins this year, and that’s tragic.
  • This bullet list lost track of it’s purpose somewhere along the way.
  • I really want some chocolate chip cookie dough.
  • Who here is good at baking?
  • You should bake some cookies.
  • Because then you and I can band together and say “Come to the dark side, we have cookies.”
  • And it’ll be true.

Well folks, I think that’s it for now.  Dark Side cookie-baker position is currently open and I am hiring.  Job applications and evil laugh recordings can be sent to me through my contact page.  First review of applications will be on November 13th; so get yours in there while you can.


Let’s Chat!

How was your October?  I hope it was well and happy, with lots of bookish glee.  Did anyone have fun on Halloween?  I did.  And don’t think I’m joking about wanting a Dark Side cookie-baker.  I’ll pay you with nice complements and the satisfaction that comes with co-ruling the Dark Side with me.  So my friends, the only question remaining is; are you good at baking?


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