Help Waiting

One of my favorite things to read has always been blackout poetry; but I had never really done up any myself.  That changed last month, and I’ve throughly fallen in love with doing it.  So I’ve decided to start sharing some of it with you each Saturday.

I will share with you a picture of my blackout poetry, then type out what it reads in the manner in which it is actually meant to be read ( that means with actual periods and line breaks and such that aren’t there in the original ).  Then I’ll do a brief bit on what it means to me, what I was thinking when I made it, or what it makes me think of.

After that, I want to hear your feed back!  I love to share my work people and have others share their world with me; so be sure to keep me up on whatever blackout poetry you’re working on.

Let the Saturday blackout poetry posts begin.

.   .   .


“They’re waiting for me, in case I need them.”

This one line could be applied to anything, or anyone.  My books are waiting for me, in case I need them in a time of loneliness or boredom.  My characters are waiting for me inside my story, in case I need them for a new yarn.  My friends are waiting for me, in case I need them when things go wrong.

Perhaps you can apply this line to one of your favorite stories, where the characters always have a backup squad waiting for them no matter how bad they mess up.  Perhaps you can apply this to someone you know in your own life.  My favorite thing to do with this line though, is use it as a writing prompt.  You’re imagination can run wild with it.

What type of person is speaking?  A trouble maker?  A martyr?  Someone who is always falling to help others around them?

Who is there waiting for them; or what?  Friends?  Monsters?  Books or spells or strange people in the shadows?

Why would they need help?  Have they stared a war?  Are they anticipating having to run for their lives?  What if they simply need someone to pull them from the monotonous line of average every day life?

Take what you will from it; it’s your own imagination that will decide what it means.  Maybe you’ll find that it even applies to you and your own life.

Wouldn’t that be neat?



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