The Wonder in Ireland


“The Wonder in Ireland has survived without miracle.”

I have been in love with the Artemis Fowl series since the very first time I picked the first book up all those years ago.  I have been falling in love with the stores all over again here recently by listening to the audiobooks.

I have gotten to hear the stories I love so much again, and I have been able to listen to all the different accents of each of the characters with clarity.  Aside from this, they have been good books to listen to on tape instead of listening to music all the time while I do other things because I already know the story from having read it first before.

When I blacked these words out I had Artemis Fowl in mind.  It really is a wonder, all the things that happen in Ireland; not just the fairy tales that exist in our Ireland, but in Artemis’s Ireland, where he goes on most of his great adventures.  It’s also a wonder he and his friends manage to survive at times with the trouble that they get themselves into.

Yet they always do survive in the end, and they do it all on their own, with out miracle or divine aid.  This is one story where science and magic come together to stand on their own two feet; they make up the backbone of a survivalist team bent on using their own strength and wit to make it through the world.

I would be very confident to say that this Irish wonder would survive anything an author could throw at them; and they’d do it all on their own, too, without need for a miracle to save them.



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