A Nation’s Fortune


“The national fortune is a collection of sacrifice and love.”

Where would any of us be without people who love and care for us there to protect us when we fall down?  Sure, we would survive, but it’d be a lot harder to get through.

Similarly, where would our lives be if we didn’t have people who are willing to sacrifice everything they own, every piece of a normal life they might have had, every breath and step they take, just keep our country safe?

It’s the world’s greatest sacrifice, and it happens all around the world, each and every day, whenever someone gives up everything to protect the land they love.  To protect their home.

Without great love, this sacrifice would not be possible.  We have a collection of good and willing souls filled this love who go about keeping all of us safe, no matter where we live.  And without them, their sacrifice, and their love, we would not have the lives we are accustomed to.

It truly is a nation’s greatest fortune to have people who love it and it’s people so much that are willing to give all they have for it.  For in the end that’s all it really is; a sacrifice born of love.



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