Mysterious Tome


“Another telling of life and time, from early days to the dark future.  A savage account of previous people.”

What kind of book might this be describing?  For that is what I see it as.  A description of a tome; what it’s about, what it means, what’s inside of it.  Perhaps from an old master to a young mage.  Perhaps from a librarian to a hopeful studier.

Perhaps when someone asks, “What is this book?”, this is the answer the last person who read it gives.

What kind of book might this be?  A history of a world, or a history, just in general.  It doesn’t seem hopeful; it seems prophetic.  “Another telling”, as if this has happened before.    As if it will happen again.  This is something that happens often, it seems.

“…from early days to the dark future.” It’s a whole, complete timeline; there is nothing that has been left out.

“…previous people.”; so where are these people now?  The word “Savage” is used.  So where ever they went, whatever happened to them, it mustn’t have been nice.  Or perhaps the savagery is referring to the nature of people, and not what might have happened to them.

Read this as a whole, and it is tinged with melancholy.  There is knowledge here, yet wisdom is at the root.  Whoever made this statement has seen a lot, been through a lot, and knows much more than what they let on.  Their life and their experiences have given them this melancholy and this wisdom; but clearly at a price.

Perhaps they are cynical.  Perhaps they are in a state of noir.  Or perhaps they are simply saddened by the truth they know to exist in this world.

Whatever they feel, it is clear that the content of this book no longer surprises them.



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