Damaged Character


*Ruined reputations.

*Guilty minds.

*Unique set of talents.

*Innate ability to spots lies.

*Extremely sensitive.

Think of your favorite group of criminals or thieves.  Does this describe them?

Think of a group of soul starved youths forced to grow up too soon.  How well does this fit them?

But this doesn’t just have to apply to the fictional stories we read.  How many of these traits do you see in yourself?  Or in other people you know?

Or create a person.  Look at this list of traits and think; what kind of person would you imagine this would describe?  Does it give you any plot bunnies?  Any story ideas now running through your head?

What do you think these traits mean?

Do you think they’re good, or bad?  Maybe, they are neither.

The way I see it, these traits could be for a thief.  But I don’t think they have to be bad traits, always.  Imagine a character or person who life hasn’t treated fairly; how do you think they’d be after battling against fate?  I think this might fit them quite well.  That doesn’t make them bad.  That makes them a survivor.  And survivors always have more defenses put up than the rest of us.

It’s not their fault they were damaged, after all.  Buy they certainly make for an interesting novel.



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