The Sympathizers


“We sympathize with bad decisions.”

Who is “we”?  That’s up to you.  They sound like trouble makers to me.  All I know, is that’s where I need to go.  How about you?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all find a place where there were people who made the same mistakes as us, and understood?  Or even different mistakes, yet still they would understand that we are all only human sometimes, and we wouldn’t have to worry about any love lost for being imperfect as we are.

I think that line, might be one of the nicest things you could ever hear.

I said that I need to go there, where ever there is, but what I really mean is that I need make there.  Through writing.  That way I can go there, and you can go there too.  I’ll create it, the way that all writers create, so that readers can travel, in the way that all readers do.


( What does the buck have to do with this?  Nothing, I just liked the way he looked.  )


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