Bone Gap


      So here it is, the first book I’ve finished this year. Right off the bat I’ll say that it wasn’t what I was expecting it to be; but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it. Some things that I was expecting were:
*high levels of creepiness throughout
*maybe some death
*a general feeling of being scared and anxious while reading ( or listening ) to this book
*maybe a mad scientist

What I did get was:
*80% the story of people’s lives and 20% solving a mystery; with mid to high levels of creepiness throughout
*lots of corn
*a mind game
*a strange desire to eat Polish foods – and honey

Over all I would say that this book was 100% odd all throughout the story, and I liked this very much. It was the kind of odd that pulled me in and made me want to keep listening to more and more of it. It was at once calming and thought provoking. So while the horror I thought was going to be in here wasn’t in fact in here, it was still a very satisfying story to listen to.

     Three things I would really like to point out that I liked.
1) The title of this book is not a disappointment. You know how some titles are just boring, or don’t make any sense? This title is creative and very pleasing with how it ties into the story.
2) The main antagonist is very interesting; mostly, I think, because even now I can think more than one answer to who, or what, he might have been.
3) Finn’s “condition”, which I won’t name here because I don’t like spoilers, was written about very well, I think. It was done in such a way that like Finn, you wouldn’t have guessed that it was even there, until you went looking for a problem.

     I liked Finn very much as well. For me, he was the perfect main character for this story. He was odd in the same way that his town was. Odd enough to be able to see the things that no one else could, and odd enough to feel like maybe he wasn’t really odd at all.

     As an audio book, it was very good. The voice actor was wonderful; his tone of voice fit the tone of the story very well, and I could tell each of the characters apart just by listening to his change of voice. It was a good book to listen to as well; not too boring to make you fall asleep, but not too complex to where you had to rewind to understand it.

      One thing I didn’t like was the idea that a girl’s beauty is her most valuable feature. But this book tackled that notion, bringing it down in a very clever way, actually.

     I would recommend this book to most people, because I enjoy it, and the way it felt different, somehow, in the way it described the world and it’s people.

★★★ 3 Star Rating

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby


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