After Alice


I became very interested in all things to do with Wonderland retellings after reading one that I loved more than I thought I would. I became a bit obsessed, you might say, so of course I went for this one just as soon as I saw it.
I was, unfortunately, a bit disappointed by it. After Alice was probably destined to fall a bit, though, considering the very hight standers at which I held the previous retelling I’d read. I was wanting more of the same sort of thing to help fix my book hangover, and naturally, that was never going to happen. I would be giving this a 4 star review if I hadn’t come into this book with previous exceptions like I had.

Part of my dislike for this book does come from the constant flipping back and forth between our world and Wonderland. It does give a unique perspective of what the people looking for Alice and Ada ( the main character ) must have felt while they were both lost in Wonderland, but I didn’t really want to see this. I wanted more of the Wonderland I’d come to love so much; instead I was only given half of it. On top of that, there was a romantic tension that I felt was completely unnecessary and uninspiring.

With the negative out of the way, I want to tell you why I did like this book. As I previously mentioned, this book gave a very unique perspective to the story of Alice that I had never thought of before. Ada, I thought, was a very likable character, and her devotion to her only friend was amiable. I also liked how she continued to be happy and kept trying to do the things she wanted in life despite her problems in life from her back to her governess.

Of course, after reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer I am always going to love Wonderland more than I ever did before, so I was bound to like this book at least a little bit. I found myself greatly enjoying the rosebushes, for some reason. My favorite character, the lizard eating marmalade off his tail while someone was trying to use him as a pen.

As an audiobook, the narrator was easy to follow, but sometimes I had re-listen to a part to understand what word was being said. The British accent was strong, you see, but I know that not all people will have the same problem I did, so don’t be put off by that.

Overall, it was a neat little side story, not too long and in need of some more plot in places, but a good listen for those who are interesting in what might have happened after Alice fell.

★★★ 3 Star Review


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