The only thing I knew going into this book was that it was a Cinderella re-telling. That, and that I loved Heartless by the same author when I read it for a bookclub. I think the fact it was a re-telling is what made me stray away from this book when I first saw it come out years ago. But now re-tellings are the one thing I can’t get enough of, and this one did not disappoint.

Some Things That This Book Did Not Do:
*have a focus on instalove between Cinder and the prince
*turn into a sloppy love story
*become boring because we all know the tale of Cinderella
*take place in the fairy tale land I expected it to

Some Things That This Book Did Do:
*took place in a really cool future land of technology
*gave me an awesome feud/war
*there was death/potential of death throughout
*incorporated whole new story elements and plot lines that I never would have thought of in a Cinderella re-telling

All of the things in the lists above are major pluses for this book.

I was able to detect traces of the Cinderella story in this book, but for the most part, this wasn’t a fairy tale at all. And this, for me, is what made the book so good. There were just enough similarities for you to recognize the Cinderella in it, but the majority of this book was brand new and fresh, completely unexpected considering what this book is, and re-told in such a creative atmosphere that it didn’t get boring at all.

I was able to detect and predict some of the things that happened in the plot long before I ever got to the parts where my predictions turned out to be true, and this is a reason I’m giving 4 stars. With as many books as I’ve read, I could see the plot twists coming from a mile away.

As an audiobook, I have no complaints. Sometimes I couldn’t tell the male characters apart from the female ones, but it is a female voice actor, and not everyone can make a noticeable change in their voice to help differentiate between the characters genders. I get that. I suck at reading out loud male character’s voices too. So I’m not going to ding her for that.

Over all this was not the Cinderella re-telling I was expecting, but I think, rather, the one I didn’t know I wanted to hear.

★★★★ 4 Star Rating


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