#CupidShuffle17 : A February Bookish Photo-challenge


Exciting news my friends!  Over on the wonderful Instagram I and five other lovely Bookstagrammers are hosting our very first photo-challenge!  If you love books and you love seeing photos of books, it’s time to start taking some of your own!  And this photo-challenge is the best way to start.

Half Valentines and half Anti-Valentines, it’s sure to be a blast!  We’re looking forward to having all of you join and seeing all of your lovely photos!  Just click on the photo above to take yourself to my Instagram page where you find out all the details on my #cupidshuffle17 post.  ;)

Your Hosts:

@yarnsfromeslewhere ( me )

@wonderlandaethetic ( Helen )

@roreads ( Rocio )

@bookishvibes._ ( Tay )

@thenightfaerie ( Savanna )

@randomactsofbooks ( Maddie )


So there it is!  My friendly reminder to come joins us all for some lovely bookish photo fun!  Hope to see everyone there!


:) xoxo


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